A word from our Chairperson

Our commitment to values is what makes us strong

The Uniting Church has a passionate commitment to its ethical investment principles. Uniting Financial Services (UFS) shares that passion and, in its role as the Treasury and Investment Services arm of the Synod of NSW & ACT, brings together sound investment principles and the Church’s ethical values.

UFS is run by a team of investment professionals who believe that strong returns and strongly held beliefs are mutually compatible. Serving one needs never compromise the interests of the other; our investors don’t have to trade-off their values for good returns or performance.

Our task is to invest the Church’s financial wealth, which currently amounts to more than $1 billion, in a way that delivers good returns to our investors, provides support for Church development projects and generates a solid, reliable surplus for the Synod. In a world of low interest rates and struggling economic growth, the challenge before us is not becoming any easier. However, with the efforts of the people who run the organisation and, equally important, those who support it, UFS will continue to play its important role in assisting the Synod to deliver mission and ministry activities in NSW and the ACT.



Michael Anderson


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