Investing for higher returns

Funds invested with Uniting Financial Services are prudentially managed by our professional team, which is guided by an experienced Board and the ethical principles of the Uniting Church. We provide a range of smart investments that offer good returns and no transaction or maintenance fees so your money can work harder to support your Uniting Church Organisations and their work within local communities.


Every dollar you invest in a Uniting Financial Services investment receives a good rate of interest and helps less fortunate community members.

Fixed Term Investment

With terms ranging from one to sixty months, reliable fixed interest rates and no transaction or maintenance fees, Uniting Financial Services Fixed Term Investment offers flexibility and security. Find out more

At Call Investment
* This product is closed to new investors

An At Call Investment offers you easy access to your funds while earning a good rate of interest. With no minimum balance, you can invest whatever matches your personal investment plan and budget. Find out more

Higher Values Online Investment

The Higher Values Online Investment is the smart way to maintain easy access to your money while earning interest – with no minimum balance required. Find out more

Self Help Investment

We’ve created a clever investment that allows you to financially contribute to the Uniting Church Organisation you wish to support. It’s called the Self Help Scheme. Find out more

Funeral Investment

The Funeral Investment offers you a cost-effective way to save for your funeral expenses, removing the financial burden from those you leave behind. Find out more

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