Due to CoVid constraints and the volume of mail going through Australia Post, please do not forward your forms to our mailing address. Please email all forms to contactus@unitingfinancial.com.au. Please note we no longer accept faxes. To avoid duplication please do not forward any emailed forms via Australia Post. Should you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Partner Solutions and Support team on 1300 133 673

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Ideal Investing

Get your Uniting Church Organisation’s funds working hard for you and those less fortunate in the community with these innovative investments.

You & Your Community

Every dollar you invest in a Uniting Financial Services investment receives a good rate of return and helps less fortunate community members.

Uniting Online

Welcome to Uniting Financial Services Internet Access. Manage your investments securely and conveniently online, anytime and anywhere you wish.

Managing Your Finances

Whether you like to transact online, over the phone or in person we’ve got you covered. Our online service, Uniting Online is a safe & secure way to transact. You can register for Uniting Online here.

Interest Rates

Its about ideal investing, view our latest interest rates on our investment and loan products
Neil King
Executive Director
Neil has recently rejoined UFS as Executive Director previously being in the role from 2012 to beginning of 2015. Neil has over 25 years’ experience in local and international financial markets and has filled Executive, Board and Advisory roles within the not for profit sector over many years.
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Ian Perry
Chief Financial Officer – Treasury and Investments
Ian is responsible for ensuring the financial security of Uniting Financial Services, handling all financial matters and helping to drive the overall management and strategy.
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Linda Johnson
Head of Partner Solutions and Support
Linda took over leadership of the team in June 2018, after acting in the role for the previous 6 months. She has been with UFS since August 2006, working in partnership with various church entities in a number of different roles.
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Anna Barrios
Senior Lending Associate
Anna is a results driven professional with over 19 years of experience in the Banking and Finance sector. Anna commenced work at Uniting Financial Services in March 2015, she has also worked at National Australia Bank for 16 years and St George Bank for two years.
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Our Story

Uniting Financial Services (UFS) is not a corporatised financial services company or a bank. It’s a religious charitable organisation which was formed to provide Treasury and Investment Services on behalf of the Uniting Church (Synod of NSW and ACT).

For more than 80 years we’ve been providing income to the Synod, directly contributing to the Uniting Church’s mission and service to communities in need, as well as supporting church life and congregations.

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