Due to CoVid constraints and the volume of mail going through Australia Post, please do not forward your forms to our mailing address. Please email all forms to contactus@unitingfinancial.com.au. Please note we no longer accept faxes. To avoid duplication please do not forward any emailed forms via Australia Post. Should you require any clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the Partner Solutions and Support team on 1300 133 673



How do I open an investment with Uniting Financial Services?

You can open an investment with Uniting Financial Services by downloading an application form. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly Service Team on 1300 133 673 for an application form to be posted out to you.

How do I send my new investment application form to Uniting Financial Services?
What is the difference between Current Balance and Available Balance?

Current Balance is the balance of your investment as at the nominated date including any uncleared funds. Available Balance is the balance of your investment available for immediate withdrawal as at the nominated date. All cheques take four days to process and clear.

How do I add money to my at call investment with Uniting Financial Services?
  • Mail cheques with an investment slip or letter to our office.
  • You can electronically transfer funds into your Uniting Financial Services At Call Investment or Loan from another financial institution. Please use Uniting Financial Services’BSB 634 634and your nine digit investment/loan number.
  • Deliver your investment slip / letter and cheque(s) directly to our office.
  • Cash and cheques can be lodged over the counter at Westpac Bank branches.
How do I withdraw money from my at call investments?
  • Use a withdrawal slip to request electronic transfer of funds or issuance of a cheque.
  • Via Uniting Online, including BPAY® electronic payment service. Please note that daily limits apply.
  • Via Uniting by Phone. Please note that daily limits apply.
  • By establishing a Periodic Payment Request for regular payments.
  • Please contact your biller directly to arrange a direct debit e.g. electricity or phone bills.

If you need any assistance, please contact us and we will gladly help.

Can I make a withdrawal from my Fixed Term Investment?

Yes. But given this investment is for a fixed term, rate and amount, an early redemption adjustment may be applied. Please refer to the Product Information Brochure  for more information.

I have forgotten my password for Uniting Online and/or Uniting by Phone. How do I get a new one?

Download an Application for Access to Uniting Online / Uniting by Phone  and complete the applicable sections for re-issuance of a User ID. The completed form can be mailed or delivered directly to our office. Upon receipt, a new Passcode will be issued and mailed to your postal address.

Will I be charged any fees?

We do not charge transaction or maintenance fees on any of our products or services. Details of other fees are contained in our Fee Schedule.

What is the difference between an At Call Investment and a Higher Values Online Investment?

Both investments offer at call access to your funds with good interest rates on balances. Higher Values Online Investment pays a higher rate of interest, and you can withdraw and lodge funds electronically only.Terms and conditions for our products are available in the Product Information Brochure.

How can I get regular updates from Uniting Financial Services?

Uniting Financial Services provides investors with market and service updates twice a year through our regular e-newsletter. You can also find regular updates on this website.

How can I protect myself from internet and email scams?

You should be aware people have become victims of identity theft when they responded to bogus emails and telephone calls.  Please note that no one from Uniting Financial Services will ever contact you by email or telephone to request your Uniting Online or Uniting by Phone Access Code(s). The safety and security of your investment with us is our highest priority.

NEVER provide your investment or login details in response to an email or telephone call you receive from someone purporting to represent Uniting Financial Services.  Should you receive a call from someone purporting to be from Uniting Financial Services requesting your Uniting Online or Uniting by Phone Access Code, please report it to this office immediately by telephone 1300 133 673 or via email to contactus@unitingfinancial.com.au

Always login directly to unitingfinancial.com.au

Trouble shooting your online access

If you are having trouble accessing Uniting Online the following factsheets may help. If you still need help do not hesitate to contact us during normal business hours on 1300 133 673.

For more information

Phone 1300 133 673

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Monday to Friday 9.00am until 5.00pm AEST Sydney time.

Office hours are
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