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Funeral Investment

Preparing is caring

While it’s not a topic any of us relish, being prepared for the ultimate date of departure is a responsibility we all need to acknowledge. Caring for those who care about you has no limit. Freeing your friends and family from the additional stress of worrying about how to fund your funeral with a Funeral Investment, is a true expression of care.

Ease your passing

On notification of your passing, the full value of your Funeral Investment will be paid towards your funeral expenses and any surplus funds will be paid to your estate.

Effective saving

Every dollar of your money is free to grow with no transaction or maintenance fees. Interest is calculated daily and paid half yearly to your investment (subject to ATO restrictions).

Plan for peace of mind

You can rest assured your wishes will be respected. Funeral Investment may only be opened by individuals and only withdrawn to pay the investment holder’s funeral costs.

Contributing to your community

Just as your loved ones will benefit from your Funeral Investment, the Uniting Church reinvests these funds in a variety of socially responsible projects to benefit your community.

Take care of those who care about you

Please call Uniting Financial Services on 1300 133 673 to discuss how a Funeral Investment can help you plan for the future.

Features and benefits
  • Good interest rate
  • No minimum balance
  • Funds can only be withdrawn to pay the Investment holder’s funeral costs
  • Interest calculated daily and half yearly
  • No transaction or maintenance fees
  • Investments can only be opened by individuals (no joint investments allowed)

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