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Speak Out (Whistle Blower)

Uniting Financial Services’ mission statement is disciplined ethical investment with a heart for the Uniting Church’s mission. UFS also aspires to be a leading provider of ethical investments and financial services, not only within the Uniting Church in Australia but across the not-for-profit sector.

We embrace an open and honest culture of safety, transparency, accountability and integrity. To support people to report matters openly and with confidence, we have implemented an anonymous and confidential reporting system called Speak Out.

Speak Out is provided so anyone can report any concerns (current or historic) they have about wellbeing and integrity within UFS or offer ideas and suggestions that may improve how we operate.

Safe, Simple and Secure

The Speak Out Program is administered by our integrity partners, Core Integrity. Core Integrity’s Hotline platform provides you with a safe, simple and secure platform to report a wide range of issues either confidentially or anonymously.

When you submit a report via the Core Integrity platform, we want you to take comfort in knowing that all reports are treated in the strictest of confidence.

The Core Integrity team are experienced in receiving, assessing and dealing with confidential and sensitive reports and provide this service on behalf of UFS.

What is Speak Out?

We want to hear about any concerns or issues relating to the safety or wellbeing of anyone in UFS. If we know about an issue early on we can take action to prevent the issue from escalating. By ‘Speaking Out’ you can be assured that we will take every concern and issue raised seriously and every effort will be made to ensure that the matter is dealt with as quickly as possible.

When to Speak Out?

You are encouraged to report genuine concerns about conduct within UFS which appears to you to be illegal, unethical or otherwise improper.

Examples of when to Speak Out:

  • Conduct or behaviour that is dishonest or corrupt such as offering or accepting a bribe.
  • Illegal conduct such as theft and criminal damage against property.
  • Fraud, money laundering or misappropriation of funds.
  • Financial irregularities.
  • A safety or security concern.
  • Work, health and safety issues.
  • Data security or privacy concerns.
  • Concerns about the failure to comply with, or breach of, any law or regulation.
When NOT to Speak Out

The Speak Out platform and processes are not:

  • an internal grievance process; or
  • a client complaint or concern process.

Anyone who wishes to raise concerns of these types should do so via the appropriate internal processes, or through our external contact methods of:

How to Speak Out

You can Speak Out using the following reporting channels operated by our independent integrity partners, Core Integrity.

Hotline Phone Number 1800 951 145
Email speakout@coreintegrity.com.au
Mail (postal address) PO Box 895, Darlinghurst NSW 1300

Alternatively, you can email the Chair of our Risk Committee on craigleesyd@gmail.com

Download our full Whistleblower Policy.

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